Help Your Community Heal From The Effects Of Crime & Tragedy.

Are you interested in giving back to your community in meaningful ways? Volunteering with the Slave Lake Victim Services Unit (VSU) may be just what you're looking for. To find out more about the rich experiences awaiting those with a knack for caring, please contact us at 780 849 6884.


Volunteer Advocates:

Victim advocates are individuals who have been screened for suitability and obtain a RCMP enhanced security clearance. They receive specialized training in over 30 crisis support and intervention situations including: assault, hate crimes, property crimes, robbery, sexual assault, stalking and harassment, family violence, bereavement and sudden death. Advocates have three main goals: to provide assistance, support, information and referral to victims of crime or tragedy through crisis intervention and timely follow up. Advocates do not provide counselling.

Volunteers may assist with next-of-kin notifications, provide information on government forms such as victim impact statements, restitution, and financial benefits, and offer guidance, support and community referrals for victims as they navigate the criminal justice system.

Our unit provides invaluable assistance to victims that are often confused, overwhelmed and unsure of how to react after a crime or tragedy. Without Victim Services, many victims would be unsure of what to do, where to go, and how to deal with the emotional trauma surrounding a crime or tragedy.

Board Of Directors:

The Unit operates under the direction of a Board of Directors. A position on the board is a very interesting and dynamic way to be involved with the program. Their role is to govern the operations of the unit through the formal establishment of policies. Although the role of a board member may not be directly involved with a victim's situation, their role allows for Victim Services to function and be able to provide the variety of services they do. They also help raise awareness of Victim Services in the communities it serves through different events during the year.

Slave Lake Victim Service volunteers join hands to provide crisis management for individuals in their community.


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"Working together helping victims of crime and tragedy."

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