A friend in need....

Slave Lake

Victim Services 

1005 - 6th Ave S E
Slave Lake, Alberta  T0G 2A3
p. 780 849 6884   
f.  780 849 2133

Slave Lake Victim Services offers comfort to those facing crisis alone.Slave Lake Victim Services, in association with the RCMP, is dedicated to providing crisis outreach and compassionate care to victims of tragedy, traumatic loss or criminal activity. Please phone, write or complete the contact form to make a connection with one of our specially-trained, dedicated advocates. We can help you through your crisis situation and provide hope there are better days on the horizon.




* When you contact our Volunteer Advocates, you can be assured your comments and concerns will be kept private and confidential. You can trust our community outreach workers to provide respectful engagement and essential information to help with whatever crisis you are facing.

"Working together helping victims of crime and tragedy."

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