Slave Lake Victim Services Unit

We Are Here For You

Joining hands in support is the perfect symbol of the Slave Lake VSU.The Slave Lake Victim Services Unit is a not-for-profit organization based at the RCMP detachment in the Town of Slave Lake. We offer compassionate care to victims during crisis situations such as a sudden fatality or other critical incidents. We also provide information regarding Slave Lake-specific social service resources and agency referrals to victims of crime, abuse and trauma. Additionally, we offer court information for all Slave Lake and area residents. We are governed by a volunteer board consisting of representatives from the community and the regional RCMP detachment.

The Front Line for Crisis Management in Slave Lake

A program manager leads specially-trained Volunteer Victim Advocates in the Slave Lake region. They provide front-line support for victims of trauma, tragedy, and abuse in our area. These volunteers have unique expertise and have earned enhanced security clearances through the RCMP. Our Volunteer Victim Advocates continue to receive training throughout their term of service. Volunteer Advocates liaise with the RCMP and other emergency responders that refer clients to Slave Lake Victim Services.

What We Can Do For You 

Slave Lake Victim Services provides crisis intervention around the clock, 365 days/year. Our main goal is to soften the impact of a crisis on individuals and alleviate the trauma associated with relationship violence, sudden fatalities or other critical situations. We also act as a referral service, providing a host of information and contact information for service agencies that are required by area victims and crisis survivors.

We are committed to promote a positive liaison between the RCMP, court system, and the victim for better support and flow of information.

Court Support for Victims and Witnesses to Crime  

Additionally, Slave Lake VSU Court Support Workers are on hand to aid crime victims and material witnesses who are involved in court proceedings. A Court Support Worker can update the witnesses and victims on general court processes, as well as on how their specific case is progressing through the system.  Court Support Workers can also provide guidance for people before a court date to help them navigate through that potentially intimidating experience.

A Court Support Worker can also accompany victims to Court to provide support and information to clarify the proceedings for them. The Court Support Worker will also liaise with Crown Prosecutors and Court personnel, in order to keep victims informed and to maintain communications in a secure environment.

"Working together helping victims of crime and tragedy."

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