Slave Lake Victim Services Unit

Compassionate Crisis Management for our Community

When a crisis occurs, the Slave Lake VSU is there to help you cope with the emergency using caring compassion and practical guidance through those first painful hours and maintains contact through the weeks and months which follow as victims adjust to their new realities.

Our Slave Lake Victim Services Volunteer Advocates offer victims of trauma, tragedy and crime wise guidance and emotional support to help them cope with their pain, uncertainty and panic. We have also collected a wide selection of informative articles regarding critical incident management including insights into dealing with such issues as Domestic Violence, Bullying, and Addictions.

Slave Lake Volunteer Victim Advocates are well-trained to assist people facing the most difficult moments of their lives, such as the sudden death of a family member, violent assault, even fire, flood, and property damage which may have occurred due to criminal behaviour.

Many of our clients are referred to the Victim Services Unit by the RCMP or other community agencies, however,  victims are also encouraged to contact Slave Lake Victim Services directly.

Services provided by our VSU include referrals to helping supports and agencies in our community, assistance with government and other legal forms and applications; court support, orientation and accompaniment; as well as assistance regarding requests for restitution, financial benefits for victims of crimes and victim impact statements. Our Victims of Crime Protocol handbook assists Slave Lake area victims understand how Alberta's justice system operates.

Slave Lake Victim Services serves Slave Lake and communities within the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River in partnership with the Slave Lake RCMP. Our VSU is a non-profit, charitable society which relies on various funding sources including:

"Working together helping victims of crime and tragedy."

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